Q: What devices and software versions does Finding Santa work on?
A: Finding Santa works for iPhone 7 and above and is most compatible with the latest software version iOS and iPadOS 13.1.2. Finding Santa also works on most common Android devices, however some Android devices may not be supported.

Q: Will WIFI be available at all Finding Santa locations so that I can download the app?
A: No, not all Finding Santa locations will have access to WIFI. We encourage you to download the app before you leave home.

Q: Can I step inside the picture?
A: Absolutely! To take a photo, touch the right hand side of the screen of your digital device and the camera icon will appear. Be sure to allow the app access to your image library so the photos will automatically be saved. Don’t forget to tag any images you upload to social media with the hashtag #findingsanta.

Q: I took a photo, where will it be saved?
A: The photo will be saved to your phone’s image library or camera roll.

Q: Why hasn’t the photo I took in the app saved to my image library?
A: When you install the Finding Santa app you need to ‘allow’ the app to use your camera and access your phones image library in order for it to save photos to your library. To update your preferences, delete the app and reinstall.

Q: Why does the animation sometimes disappear when I move my device away from the marker?
A: Ensure you hold your digital device over the marker for at least 5 seconds before moving it around to follow the animation.

Q: I can’t see the full animation when I use the app – why is this?
A: Just step back a bit further away from the pavement sticker and consider changing the orientation of your phone from landscape to portrait (or vice versa). Make sure you also pan around with your phone as you might spot some cheeky characters flying around in the sky or to the left or right of the markers.

Q: Why is my battery running low after using the app?
A: Often augmented reality apps will consume the battery faster as they utilise a number of sensors simultaneously, along with the camera. We suggest you close the app when not in use.

Q: How do I find out where the other locations are across the city?
A: Touch the right hand side of the screen of your digital device and the map icon will appear – click to see a map of all locations – or view the map and list of locations now.

Q: Are the animations different at each location?
A: No, there is a suite of four different animations featured across the 40 locations. Each location features the animation best suited to the environment. Some of the animations have multiple sub-animations for you to enjoy – point your phone away from the marker and then look back at the marker to see if a new animation appears before your eyes.

Q: I can’t make it out to the locations on the map, is there a print at home version available?
A: You bet! Simply download the print at home marker now. No responsibility will be taken for any reindeer who decide to move into your home for good!